Tricks to Increase your Followers on Instagram

Tricks to Increase your Followers on Instagram

There are many benefits of having a lot of followers on Instagram regardless of what you would want to use Instagram for. If you are using it as a platform to share your experiences and get feedback, more followers mean more opportunities for interaction. If you are a visionary who wants to encourage people to support your cause then a huge number of followers can help you get your message out to the world. Celebrities use Instagram and their million followers to increase their popularity and make themselves relevant. The most beneficial use of Instagram though comes from the sector of small and medium sized businesses. These businesses use Instagram to their advantage that not only they are able to get their thoughts out in public but they are also able to make a living out of it.

Regardless of what your intentions are a huge number of followers on Instagram is definitely an advantage. Gaining Instagram followers is difficult and keeping them a follower is even more difficult. Here are some tricks on how you can get more followers for your Instagram account.

Link your Instagram to your Facebook Account

The greatest marriage and union happened when Facebook acquired Instagram. You can now link your Instagram to your Facebook account so that your Instagram posts can appear on your news feed. Other social media accounts such as Twitter and YouTube can be used to also advertise your Instagram account. The key to gaining followers is in maximizing the opportunity to let people know that you have an Instagram page.

Include it in your business Merchandise

If you are running a shop or an online shop for that matter, one way for you to gain followers is to have your Instagram account printed on your merchandise. The bags, the wrappers and the calling cards that you give out to the customers even the receipts can be modified to contain a link or details on your Instagram page.

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Follow Relevant Users

The key to also gaining followers is to follow other users in the hopes of the following you back. This strategy must be employed with caution because if you target the wrong people who take no interest in what you are trying to share and put out there then your efforts could easily go to waste. Follow users who might be interested in your product or your account the moment that they see it in their notification box.

Use appropriate Hashtags

Users usually search for interesting things to see on Instagram using hashtags. The hashtag that you use will catalog your post and will make it appear in the search results whenever someone searches for that tag. Use hashtags that relate to your product or use commonly searched hashtags so that your post will be on the listing.

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