The Best Ways to make WordPress site Mobile Friendly


Does your WordPress site appear with a bad formatting with tiny fonts and distorted letters on any mobile browser? If yes, then you are on the right page. With the increasing rate of browsing on mobile phones, it is becoming a necessity to customize your WordPress site so that it will appear in an excellent format on any mobile browser. Though most the themes these days are somewhat mobile friendly, this article will describe a few best approaches to make your WordPress site more mobile friendly.

  • One of the most excellent tools to make your WordPress site mobile friendly is the WPtouch which you can download from WordPress plugin page and then you can use it. It is basically an application that automatically enables you to convert your site into a low memory theme just like a mobile application. It will help your already build as well as new audiences to reach your website via their usual phones and smart phones like Blackberry, Nokia and other Android tablets. It is also featured with excellent options that will help you to customize the looks and appearances of your site so that it can be loaded within a single instant along with the most stylish look. Another excellent feature of this application is that it converts the sites to mobile version without changing any single coding of the PC version of your WordPress site.
  • WordPress offers a special pack for the mobilization of any WordPress site called WordPress Mobile pack. It is featured by a special mobile switcher that enables the site owner to switch to any theme and gadgets according to the need of their site visitors. With the help of this service they can easily switch to some stylish mobile theme along with superior gadgets and mobile version administration panel. It will also help you to create an excellent mobile version of your site.
  • There is an external plugin called WordPress Mobile edition created by Crowd favourite which you can use to route your mobile visitors directly to the mobile version of your website via the interface shown by this plugin. You just need to install this plugin and then it will automatically detect the visitors from any mobile phone and they will be redirected to the mobile version automatically. On the settings page of this plugin, you will find options for customizing your site for various mobile browsers.

Using above tools will definitely enable you to solve the problem of bad formatting and look of your WordPress site. It will also help you to bring more & more live audiences to your site along with the existing ones.

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