How to Sell Advertising Space on Your Blog: Things to Consider

Advertisement target
Advertisement target

Selling advertising space on your blog is a great way to earn some extra money. Apart from Google advertisements, there are other good ways as well. You continue to blog as you have been doing or as you love to do it; however, small changes in your strategy in this direction will boost your income. If you are a newbie blogger who just started and getting some traffic to your blog or if you are an established blogger getting considerable traffic but have not yet considered earning from selling advertising space on your blog, this article will help you to consider this route to make money blogging.

If you have been blogging for some time, you must have noticed that many sites sell advertising spaces to other bloggers or companies who advertise their products on the particular website. Sometime these advertisements come on the sidebars, sometimes on the top of the webpage, sometime in between articles, and even at the bottom as well. These advertisers are eager to sell their products; they want to buy the advertisement spaces on different blogs for months, and you can also sell advertising spaces to these companies.

Before you start looking for advertisements for your blog, you should consider the following few points to make it successful:

  1. Your Visitors:

Who are your visitors? If you have been writing about a particular niche and getting some traffic, you can assume that the visitors are interested in that particular niche. For example, this particular article has been written for bloggers who want to make some money selling advertising spaces on their blog. Any company who help bloggers to get advertisements for their blogs will be of great interest to the readers. When you know your visitors’ interest, you may consider approaching companies who are eager to place their advertisements in front of people who are interested in the topic. Many a times, you will receive emails from these companies before even you consider about it!

  1. Your Traffic:

What is your daily or monthly traffic? You do not need to have thousands of visitors each day to get your advertising spaces sold. Even 200-500 targeted visitors in a particular niche will attract some good advertisers who might book your spaces for months.

  1. Your Advertisement Space:

Where do you want the advertisements to be placed? Decide which places of your blog would you like to sell to advertisers. Is it the front page? Is it the blog section? The more prominent or more effective they are (for example, a page where a lot of visitors hang around), you can charge higher for those spaces and lower for others. You may create a few “Your Ad Here” buttons at prominent positions, which once clicked should lead to a specific ‘Advertise With Us’ menu page where you can talk about the rates and terms. This strategy works well, as it reminds the visitors that you are open to placing an ad in that particular space.

  1. Your Rates:

At the beginning, sell a few spaces with heavy discount. Whatever you get, that will be an addition to your coffer. Once you find a lot of advertisers, increase the rates to maximize your revenue.

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