Article Writers: Why Entrepreneurs Hunt For Them?


Internet entrepreneurs realize that content is king. They understand that if they have good content in their websites, blogs, their sales pages, and their articles that are posted in different Ezines, then they get lots of traffic and thus their profit increases. However, most of the internet entrepreneurs start with one or two websites at the beginning, but eventually they end up creating and maintaining multiple sites. Some experienced internet entrepreneurs own anything between 50-100 websites and blogs in different niches. To earn meaningful dollars from these websites and blogs, the owner need to post articles on their websites and also in other high-traffic websites from where these entrepreneurs get some traffic for their respective sites.

Even if we presume the owner of the websites is a prolific writer and is able to produce many articles in a day, he/she has to take help of several article writers who can churn out quality contents in the respective niches of the websites.

Successful entrepreneurs look for article writers for the following reasons:

  • They need quality content.
  • They want the quality content to be produced within a timeline.
  • The article writers are experts in some areas. Thus their knowledge is valuable to the readers of the respective websites or blogs.
  • Many article writers also submit the articles to different article submission services for some extra charge.
  • Many article writers take charge of regularly writing for some websites, maintaining them, updating them, and even answering reader/customer queries.
  • Many article writers are also experts in writing e-books, sales pages, email series for auto-responders, and the likes, which are in fact extension of the services offered by the internet entrepreneurs.
  • Many brick-and-mortar business owners want to maintain a blog, and many article writers are given charge of creating, writing for, and maintaining the blog.
  • Many online magazines seek the service of established article writers who are seen as experts in their respective areas.

Thus business owners, both focused on internet and brick-and-mortar business are in search of good article writers, especially the trained one who have very good understanding of how internet works, keywords analysis, and other nitty-gritty. Recently Google has done Panda/Farmer update, which essentially brings up the ranks of websites that have quality content and brings down the ranks of the websites that have spurious content. Thus need for article writers who can write quality content is very high now.

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